Jay Z Set To Release Magna Carta Holy Grail July 4th! What Does Magna Carta Holy Grail Even Mean?


Jay Z Set To Release Magna Carta Holy Grail July 4th! What Does Magna Carta Holy Grail Even Mean?

Jay Z will release his 12th Studio album called Magna Carta Holy Grail on July 4th 2013. The album title is super dramatic. I would have went with “Super Producers” since he has every hot producer making beats such as Swizz Beatz, Pharrell, Timberland, and Rick Rubin. Jay Z recently made a commercial for the album showing all the powerhouses working together.

Twitter raved the commercial was Epic but then again everyone thinks everything Jay Z does is Epic. So I must admit I wasn’t overly excited because my mind is free from the Jay and Bey zombie effect they have on most of the world.

Timberland, Swizz Beatz, Jay Z, Pharrell, Rick Rubin

Timberland, Swizz Beatz, Jay Z, Pharrell, Rick Rubin

The commercial was cool and had nothing to do with the samsung phone but the creation of the music. Jay Z recently signed a 20 million dollar deal with Samsung and plans to release the album 3 days early on their phone.The commercial showed all the producers sitting in the studio making music and Jay Z writing.

The rapper is shown visualizing what he wants the album to be but I am still confused on the title. What the hell does Magna Carta Holy Grail even mean? Magna Cum Laude means “with great honor” which applies to education but what fuck is he talking about?

Let me try to break it down Magna meaning “great”. Then I’m almost sure “Carta” is a play on his last name. Finally “Holy Grail” means a plate, cup, dish, or stone that is used in Arthurian literature. Is Jay Z saying his album is the chalice that has super abilities or the lyrically stone that will fall from the sky July 4th that is all powerful?

Who the hell knows what goes on in these artist minds. I am almost certain that how deep I just made it sound, he probably didn’t even go that far to come up with it. It probably went something like this:

Hey I’m Jay Z the biggest rapper in the world! I’m the holy grail of rap. I must feed my lyrical dishes upon my people on July 4th 2013. I shall let my super stone fall to remind those beneath me of my reign. Then he gets off his hip hop throne and tells his assistant to send that email to the masses.

I might be just as weird as he is to come up with such an elaborate story. Anyway here is the commercial, is it Epic?

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  1. ReplySupra Hova Stanus Loudest

    EPIC Indeed!

    • ReplyTHE REEL

      ^^^^^^^^^ DICK RIDER

  2. ReplyTheCriticallyAcclaimedNegro

    July 4 huh.. sup with these niggas and the number 4?? Not fuckin with that shit at all.. Fuck Magna Carta I'm rockin out to that Yeezus from now til i'm gone!!

  3. Replylove1287

    That nigga wylin with the name of this album tho!

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