The Real Talk Show! It’s All About Fun! (Video)


The Real is a good time talk show that is full of fun and these ladies have great chemistry.

When I watched the previews I knew that I would enjoy the show and them together. I think their energy and fresh outlook on pop culture is spot on. Tamar is totally in her element showing her silly side and just truly enjoying the talk show atmosphere.

What is “The Real” Day Time Talk Show?

Loni Love brings pure comic relief to any situation. I love her witty comments on current events and how she always ends with a laugh. Tamera is a very cool, calm, and collected woman whose opinions are always full of emotion. Her friendly disposition is such a delight. Jeannie she is bringing fashion honey! Mai’s opinions are strong just like her outfits. She can style me any day. I always loved her show on the style network. I love her as a part of the show.

The Real Cast on Paula Deen?

Last but not least Adrienne, she is a feisty little pepper who makes sure she is heard. I loved her segment on the “Vajacial”. It was really thoughtful and funny. She is absolutely right you should keep it clean, smelling good, and baby soft. I will be giving my vajayjay a facial very soon thanks Adrienne :)

These women on this panel I’m sure will be picked up for a full season. I can’t wait to see what they will do next. I honestly like their show better than “The Talk” or “The View”. Jersey is Naked approves “The Real”.

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