An Open Letter to Tara from Love and Hip Hop NY Season 4 (VIDEO)


Love and Hip Hop Season 4 has started off with a bang! Infidelity, lying, and secrets have all been unleashed by episode 3.

My concern is with Tara. Tara is Peter Gunz live-in girlfriend who he has two children with. Episode 2 Tara exposed Gunz’s past cheating behavior calling it a “double life”. After watching episode three I just was disgusted by what I saw as a grown woman. That is why I decided to write this open letter to her.

From recent interviews I’ve heard Tara has since moved on and is now taking time to herself. This is great news but the way she initially handled it was totally immature. I know that producers have editing magic but we can only edit what is given. So I am sure most of that really happened.

Amina and Tara Fighting

Amina and Tara Fighting


I don’t claim to know your life nor do I claim to have every detail but your actions towards Amina were not adult like. You took all your aggression out on that woman due to the past that you never got over. I am not sure why you even seemed surprised when you heard the news from Peter or Amina.

How can a person despite time spent trust someone who is capable of creating an alternate version of themselves? You smack this woman in her face because she said she was married to him? I am confused by your reaction. It takes two people in order to follow through with these actions. So your mad because he took her to the courthouse and instead of you?

Why are you smacking another woman over a man who is trash? You should have shaken her hand and wished her the best of luck with the lying headache that you have given up. Especially since he was on probation from his last cheating incident. If you found that situation hard to get pass maybe you should have cut your losses five years ago. You have to take some responsibility in this due to your choices and selection of this man.

I am always confused by women who misplace the blame. Amina wasn’t a family member or a friend. So why are you looking for loyalty? At that table you weren’t looking for answers you were looking for confrontation. You sat at that table to belittle her hoping that it would bring you some comfort.The fight that took place displayed a lack of class and growth.

Tara that energy from the fight would have been better used to figure out why you allowed yourself to be with someone you didn’t trust. In no way am I saying what Amina did was right but she has no loyalty to you. She is out for self just like every other woman. Amina only did what Peter Gunz allowed her to do. That should be what rings true to you. ┬áSo who are you really mad at?

All the hitting and anger you were spewing during the altercation was really about you and your poor decision making. You’re a pretty woman and I’m sure you can find a man who is worthy but you have to make yourself worthy first. You have to work on your self-esteem and confidence because it is lacking.

I watched the scene of you crying and I couldn’t feel for your 13 years of courtship. Shacking up for that long doesn’t make the relationship serious it makes it stagnant. Women love to use the children as an excuse to stay or fight over a cheating man. If you aren’t displaying a relationship that is healthy for you and in front of your children what is really the point? Why are we fighting for dysfunction?

Your mad because YOU wasted 13 years of your life. YOU wasted time on a less than man. YOU let him walk all over you with other women. YOU accepted this behavior to be good enough. So with the facts in your face why go to this woman’s showcase to start a riot over a man who doesn’t seem to be yours.

He walks around with no sense of respect for anyone but himself. Tara please move on and work on your self-worth or you will be dating another Peter Gunz. As for Amina you should feel bad for a woman who marries a man and allows him to go home to someone else.

As for Yandy she should stay out of it and focus on her label. If she came to the showcase to see if she is star material than that is all it should have been. She has nothing to do with that situation. Focus on the bread son.



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