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Editor and Founder
Editor and Founder

Jersey Is Naked is a place where I can express myself freely without judgement in pursing my crafts. This website started as a diary for me but became much bigger than myself. “Bare it All” is my slogan because we as people should be free to express ourselves creatively to reach our full potential. My belief is artistic expression is the window to our souls.

I feel that our gifts show who we really are. Naked is place where I can be an onion and peel back my many layers and expose my inner beauty through my core.

The things I write about are of my opinion and through my experience. I share personal recipes, relationship advice, clothing tips, and most importantly self-worth motivation. I am a plus size woman and have been my whole life. I need women to know out there you are beautiful just how God made you. My blog does not have one direction, but where I will take you will be amazing. I am far from a one dimensional woman. Welcome to my crazy!

Editor-in-Chief and Creator

Jersey- “I don’t want to be famous, I just want to share my stories”

Disclaimer: All content on this website, Facebook fan page, twitter, and Instagram are property of Jersey Is Naked LLC. Using any content on any of these outlets without credit or as your own will be subject to the law. All original and investigative work are protected under these guidelines. 


  1. Chantel Clark

    I look forward to reading what u have to share.

    1. Rasheena

      Oh this is cool. cant wait to read some poetry

      1. TheCriticallyAcclaimedNEGRO

        doin a great Job so far.. keep up the great work!

  2. Kristine Sousa

    Is this site where I can purchase baithing suits? Or am I wrong?

    1. Jersey

      Hello 🙂 Which suits are you looking for?

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