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The Single Woman Files: The 90 Day Rule

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm sounded and Carrie was rudely awakened from her slumber. With her eyes closed she searched for the cellphone she hated at the moment to check the time. The time read 3am. Carrie rolled over and tried to find sleep again. As she suspected it would be difficult. She knew she might as well wake up and try again later. She got out of bed, brushed her teeth, and went to make a bowl…

The Single Woman Files: Coffee Please?

In the city that never sleeps there was a young woman named Julia with hopes of singing stardom. She never lived outside of her hometown in the south, but she knew this was the place she needed to be. The horns honking and people moving fast became the soundtrack of her new life. The city was filled with tall buildings and beautiful people. Their bright, and eccentric clothing were her new visuals of New York City. While fully immersed…

The Single Woman Files: Put My Finger Where?

The hot sun is beaming, the flowers have bloomed, and it’s the last day of the semester. Britney, a junior in college, was so happy that finals were over. She had been looking forward to some summer fun in her hometown. She couldn’t wait to connect with all her family and friends.