Aisha Adams

Naked Moments with Aisha Adams: “Pro-Black isn’t Anti-White”

A Naked Moment with Aisha Adams,The Nappy Natural Girl… In a time of black cultural appropriation and rise of racial inequality we’ve found that social media has created its own ambassadors in black society. When I think of these people one woman comes to mind, Aisha Adams. Adams is a pillar of knowledge in African-American studies, vegan eating, poetry,and blogging.… Read more →


#YTCreatorDay Washington, DC

#YTCreatorDay was amazing! I drove into Virginia to my hotel and arrived about 3:30am prior to the event. I Slept for exactly 2 hours and then proceeded to get ready to drive into Washington DC. While getting dressed that morning, I hated my hair/makeup and thought I was going to look like a complete fool. However, I did what I… Read more →