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While approaching my 34th birthday I wanted to do something edgy maybe a little crazy to kick off my new age! So I started to think, maybe I could get a new tattoo? No, that would be too much pain. Maybe pick a town I had never been to and hang for the day for inspiration? Nah, that sounds too much like work. As I continued my inner dialogue, I realized I wanted to do something much more relaxing. How about a beauty treatment? Yes! I started to google beauty treatments and came across a V-Steam better known as a Yoni Steam. So, in wake of my most popular video on YouTube Is Your Vagina Clean? I decided to try a V-Steam.

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Beasley’s Chicken and Honey succeeded in creating an ambience full of old southern backyard charm. However, they could have left the flies outside. Yesterday my foodie friend and I went to their Raleigh,NC location to see what all the hype was about. The eatery has a 4.4 rating on Yelp and Google, so we were excited. Soon as you walk in you see the chalkboard menu, steel stools, and distressed wood tables. Yet, we were greeted by an overworked waitress and an unkept dirty table. Did I mention it was only 4pm in the afternoon?  Read My Naked Thoughts… Beasley’s Chicken & Honey Needs More Flavor and Less Flies

A Naked Moment with Aisha Adams,The Nappy Natural Girl…

In a time of black cultural appropriation and rise of racial inequality we’ve found that social media has created its own ambassadors in black society. When I think of these people one woman comes to mind, Aisha Adams. Adams is a pillar of knowledge in African-American studies, vegan eating, poetry,and blogging. On her website aishaadams.com she inspires others to not only be prideful in their people but in their representation of them. 

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My body is such a small portion of who I actually am, however it is the very thing people use to judge my entire life. People look at my body and assume how much I work out, how much I care about myself, and determine my overall worth. If I was a person who lived by the standards of others, I would be dead. I decided a long time ago that it’s how I feel about me that matters most.

I am in no way saying that you shouldn’t take care of yourself but being healthy doesn’t look one way either. I walk over 10,000 steps daily, I never take the elevator at work, and I am very active with my husband. However, due to the way I look, the general public can’t confirm those things. So they judge with stares of relief that they aren’t me, while confirming with their gestures that I don’t belong.

So I ask myself these questions….

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Kelly’s Kloset has so graciously chosen me to do a review on their beautiful lingerie line for plus size women. I was elated when I received the email to showcase to my followers more positive body imagery. Plus size women are often deemed to be unsexy, lonely, and sad. Which just isn’t true. Plus size women are confident and we aren’t shedding any tears in regards to our bodies. I think these sultry items Kelly’s Kloset offers is one way of proving that. Her line won’t leave you or who you planned to play with disappointed.  Read My Naked Thoughts… Kelly’s Kloset: Plus Sized and Sexy!

#YTCreatorDay was amazing! I drove into Virginia to my hotel and arrived about 3:30am prior to the event. I Slept for exactly 2 hours and then proceeded to get ready to drive into Washington DC. While getting dressed that morning, I hated my hair/makeup and thought I was going to look like a complete fool. However, I did what I could and put a smile on my face. I was nervous because I didn’t know who I would meet and where the day would take me.  Read My Naked Thoughts… #YTCreatorDay Washington, DC

Periods can be the thorn in a woman’s side or a 72-hour light flow break.Whatever your flow a UK based company named Coexist cares. The director, Bae Bexter has implemented paid time off for your period monthly.

“We wanted a policy in place which recognizes and allows women to take time for their body’s natural cycle without putting this under the label of illness.

There is a misconception that time off makes a business unproductive – actually, it’s about synchronizing work with the natural cycles of the body.” said Bexter.


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