Aisha Adams

Naked Moments with Aisha Adams: “Pro-Black isn’t Anti-White”

A Naked Moment with Aisha Adams,The Nappy Natural Girl… In a time of black cultural appropriation and rise of racial inequality we’ve found that social media has created its own ambassadors in black society. When I think of these people one woman comes to mind, Aisha Adams. Adams is a pillar of knowledge in African-American studies, vegan eating, poetry,and blogging.… Read more →


#YTCreatorDay Washington, DC

#YTCreatorDay was amazing! I drove into Virginia to my hotel and arrived about 3:30am prior to the event. I Slept for exactly 2 hours and then proceeded to get ready to drive into Washington DC. While getting dressed that morning, I hated my hair/makeup and thought I was going to look like a complete fool. However, I did what I… Read more →


💋 About Mom…

I know today is all about spoiling mom and the admiration of her sacrifices. However, for me Mother’s day is everyday. Everything I write today is how I feel all year long. It’s funny how you grow up and say “I am going to be an individual.” Yet you catch yourself reacting or even talking just like your mother would.… Read more →