Have You Ever Had A V-Steam?

While approaching my 34th birthday I wanted to do something edgy maybe a little crazy to kick off my new age! So I started to think, maybe I could get a new tattoo? No, that would be too much pain. Maybe pick a town I had never been to and hang for the day for inspiration? Nah, that sounds too much like work. As I continued my inner dialogue, I realized I wanted to do something much more…

Kelly’s Kloset: Plus Sized and Sexy!

Kelly’s Kloset has so graciously chosen me to do a review on their beautiful lingerie line for plus size women. I was elated when I received the email to showcase to my followers more positive body imagery. Plus size women are often deemed to be unsexy, lonely, and sad. Which just isn’t true. Plus size women are confident and we aren’t shedding any tears in regards to our bodies. I think these sultry items Kelly’s Kloset offers is…

Why I Drank The Lemonade?

On Saturday evening, HBO premiered Beyonce’s Lemonade. After it ended Beyonce was the topic of all conversation. Most were surprised at the reveal of possible infidelity in her marriage, and others were just amazed over the strong black female imagery. What stuck out to me the most is what people are hardly even talking about. Which was the raw expressionism through art and the willing participation of her husband who was essentially crucified in front of the masses….

#StoryTime I Cursed Out Jadakiss!

Once upon not long ago, I was a … lol sike! Thanks @mariahlynnboss! Anyway, many years ago I met Jadakiss and it didn’t go so well. If you don’t know by now I am a true lover of hip hop. I have been immersed in the culture since my eyes met DJ Ralph Mcdaniels that awesome Saturday morning with my uncle. However, when I met him he was completely rude and treated me like a less than fan…

Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Second Baby!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are set to be parents for the second time. The announcement was made on a trailer of Keeping up with the Kardashains. Is there any of way with them? I just hope she doesn’t complain about the weight gain again because I was so over those comments. However, congrats to Kim and Kanye.