Naked Moments with Aisha Adams: “Pro-Black isn’t Anti-White”

A Naked Moment with Aisha Adams,The Nappy Natural Girl…

In a time of black cultural appropriation and rise of racial inequality we’ve found that social media has created its own ambassadors in black society. When I think of these people one woman comes to mind, Aisha Adams. Adams is a pillar of knowledge in African-American studies, vegan eating, poetry,and blogging. On her website she inspires others to not only be prideful in their people but in their representation of them. 

Aisha, better known as the Nappy Natural Girl has done countless interviews with some of the who’s who of modern-day influencers. Everyone from Dr.Umar Ifatunde to Matthew Knowles has graced the pages of her blogging site.Through her platform she has been able to tell our stories to reinforce our rich history.Her conglomerate Aisha Adams Media Group has also started to merchandise with T-shirts and mugs. Adams has truly used her social media to create new black business. 
However, her humble beginnings on social media started on YouTube.She made countless videos talking about her excitement over her new vegan lifestyle. At the time, she was looking for like-minded people to share her finds with in regards to her new diet/way of life. Through her search she found much more. With YouTube she was able to make internet friends and grow the Nappy Natural Girl brand. 
When Aisha isn’t speaking out against racial injustice, you can find her taking care of her husband and son in their forest retreat in North Carolina. Her retreat has been the muse to a lot of her articles on family and diet. As a vegan who focuses on a raw diet, Aisha has developed a green thumb. Adams grows her own organic vegetables and advocates for a healthier lifestyle with photos/videos of tasty vegan options via her website. 
Aisha also uses her formal education from University of Alabama of Birmingham (BA English) and Capella University (Masters in Adult Education) to home school her teenage son. Due to her home educator efforts her son was accepted into an exclusive accelerated program in one of the top colleges in the country. 
So the question we ask ourselves is, what will she do next? Stay tuned as Aisha Adams shares her Naked Moments… 

Aisha Adams Shares Her Naked Thoughts…
When you hear pro-black, what does that mean to you?
“Pro-Black for me means being pro-self, pro-community, and pro-family. It’s doesn’t mean anti-white.”
Do you think there is a connection between being pro-black and racism?
“There is a lot of misconceptions out there about being pro-black. If we see other people embracing their culture it’s ok. When black woman embrace their culture it comes across negative which is more of a society norm not a truth.”
In today’s society, do you feel that as a black woman you are represented correctly by media? If, not how do you feel it should change? 
“I definitely notice there is an issue. We are mistreated and misrepresented.” 
As an activist in our communities, what do you think is our biggest hurdle?
“We have two hurdles, teaching the children to think for themselves and feeding them well.”
As an advocate for higher education with two degrees in tow, what was your reason for home schooling your son? Also what do you think are the benefits or challenges by making this choice?
“For me it was about me being the top influencer in my son’s life. The things that were important to me I wanted  him to have.”
I’ve discovered that you are also a naturalist who lives a vegan lifestyle. Were you always vegan? If not, what was the deciding factor in embracing a new lifestyle?
“We transitioned into veganism about four years ago. My son has Type 1 diabetes and I wanted to get his condition under control.”
Do you think because of the popularity attached to veganism that people may not see the spiritual belief behind one’s decision to live this way?  
“I love being a vegan. I love the way it makes me feel and look. I will a serious vegan and I will tell you about the leather bag I won’t get rid of. I don’t care how you got here, I am going to embrace you.”
What is the Nappy Natural Girl Brand? And how do you think that your image influences our culture?
“I don’t know if my brand is influencing the culture, I am just participating in the culture”
What should people know about Aisha Adams and why is she important to our community?
“I’m just a real black girl. I have transitioned into this lifestyle being from Alabama is amazing. I am walking example of what this lifestyle can do for you.”
What is the future for Aisha Adams Media Group? 
“Vegan Curious is coming out in September, and my blog is a place that you can hang out/connect. I want to go out into our communities and teach people how to eat well. 
In one word describe the legacy you want to live behind?
“I want to leave my son to the world. I look at him as my legacy. That’s what we have to leave to the world. We want him to do great things.”

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