Top Five Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Hello Bareian Friends! Valentine’s Day is approaching and I have my top five Valentine’s Day ideas for singles! If you are single no worries because I got you covered. Valentine’s Day is no longer just for lovers, it’s a day to celebrate the love of self. Read these tips and they will cure anyone’s love hangover.

 Top 5 Five Ideas for Singles on Valentine’s Day


Make it a Night to Remember..

Party Like A RockStar

Pick up your girls or even your boys and hit the town. Go dancing! All of the clubs are promoting to the singles that day and trust me it’s more out there than you think. They are also reasonably priced with awesome bottle prices for that VIP life. Go out, chill, and take something home for the night or forever ♥. It’s Valentine’s Day anything can happen right?


Make it a Night In with Family/Friends…



Rent some of your movie favorites and make some of your favorite snack foods. Enjoy time with the people who are your Valentine’s all year around. In plus it’s no pressure to put out at the end of the night. Who can beat an evening like that?


Pamper Yourself…


Make it a full day of relaxation. Book the spa for a nice rub down, mani, and pedi. Guys get a nice hair cut and rub down. Nothing like looking fine for yourself. Walk out and ooh kill’em with your pretty ass!


Take a Trip…


Load up the car or buy a plane ticket to experience the world. Whatever, just hit the road! You and some friends should start making new memories. There is nothing like relaxing or partying in a new city. Get the hotel room, turn up the music, and get ready to explore. The city isn’t ready for you and your squad to tear it up. Oh yeah don’t forget that fly selfie in front of that landmark with the #lit. Single on Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you are dead it means you can do whatever you want without RULES!

Lastly Quiet Time…

Quiet Time

We work so hard on a weekly basis trying to pay for the things we enjoy and to keep a roof over our heads. Sometimes the peace and quiet can be more valuable than anything other thing in the world. Our single self behaviors are ones we all treasure and enjoy. So take the time for yourself and rest. Turn off the phone. Who the hell am I kidding, put it on silent and relax. Enjoy the nothingness that is around you. Oh man that sounds like music to my ears.

Valentine’s day isn’t that serious people. No need to be sad as it is a pretend holiday that makes money off couples and tries to depress the singles. It is no reflection on how cool you actually are.


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  1. Star Lengas

    Really great tips. Last year my husband was deployed, so my friends and I had a girls night in, with wine and painting. It was a ton of fun. This year, the hubs and I might do pampering and maybe have some fun on the town.


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