Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!

2015 was a year of constant movement for me and my family. I moved from Dubai to North Carolina in basically a week. I went from art wife back to corporate America all in a blink. Now I am here in North Carolina wondering if I really belong? Oh, Jersey how do you find yourself in these strange places? It hasn’t all been crazy though, I have developed a stronger  relationship with my in-laws. I’ve made some cool work friends and CHIPOTLE! Oh how I miss thee? Let me count the ways lol.

NYE Post

I will forgive your judgmental eyes when I ask for “all the meats” in my burrito bowl and pay as if you appreciate the extra coins added to my bill to keep your establishment operating. I digress, I am really looking forward to 2016. I want to live in my art, lose a few pounds, travel more, and possibly start a family. I’ve had so much love around me my entire life and God continues to keep me in those circles.

Also my community I AM NOIR TV I see great things coming. Can you believe we’ve been in existence since last May? That trips me out how Noir will be one in less than four months. What a year it’s had. We’ve had triumphs, great relationships built, love, success, and quality work. We managed to do that even with the obstacles formed against us. As the founder, I’ve taken plenty of internet beatings but I am still here. Like I always say they will never get rid of me.

My goal is to change the course of the internet. While continuing to push forward for those that would otherwise be ignored. There is one thing I will change this year in regards to the community, and that’s our requirements. We are looking for people who truly want to be mentored, trained, and eager to know the business of YouTube. You don’t have to be a star in it but you need to be aware of what you are uploading to. That’s I and Marra’s job to make sure our own is educated in that way.

So in 2016 there will be no apologies just grind and work towards my goals. Watch I am coming for EVERYTHING! Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016!




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  1. RallyGirl

    LOL I am not mad at you and your Chipotle, as long as you not mad and me and mine! The look on their faces when I say gimme more beans, gimme a lil more chicken. “Don’t be shy”. ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa Not my fault that they try to get skimpy!

    Yes, sweet 16 is ours to learn, love, grow, prosper, and be healthy while doing it!


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