I’m a Food Channel Now

Hey what’s up guys? It’s me, ya girl Jersey. 

Let Me Explain…

First, I wanted to stop in and explain my channel change with a short video of what all has happen to make me decide to become a full on food channel. While I am here I wanted to mention some things I didn’t in my video. All who know me understand that I am an artist and a true creative. I love to make art whether through cooking or commentary that people enjoy. However, a few months back I had a hard time believing in myself and honestly wanted to quit. I had almost convinced myself that a life without art and social media would be better.

I was totally lost in my art…

Then, I dreamed I couldn’t cook anymore. In my dream my husband and I were in test kitchen to try a new recipe yet I couldn’t make it. My mind drew a complete blank. The more he encourage the more my talent escaped me. I kept trying and trying but nothing. Everything was burned, tasteless, and unappealing.

I saw myself crying on the kitchen island. As I sobbed, I kept repeating that I was indeed finished. I woke up and realized I was exactly the opposite. I couldn’t be defeated any longer. See the cooking is just one of my creative talents but I felt like it symbolized all that I was trying to do.

I can do this…

I am no quitter and I couldn’t let this be the end. So I decided then and there what made me the most happy. Food! I started to write recipes and filming food. The rest is history. 

Lastly, I will be updating this website with my personal views on anything and everything. I feel like I have truly taking back my blog for shit that I want to say. I hope you all enjoy what’s to come and I love you for watching. 

Until next time…

Be the best possible version of yourself.


Watch the full video here:

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