Fitness Journey Update: What I’ve been eating

What I have been eating update:

Since starting this 30 day journey, I have not been eating carbs, red meat, or pork. Just poultry, seafood, fruits, and veggies. as I mentioned in my last update 12 days at Gym.

Also my mom has asked me to join her in a detox. The detox is a So I have been drinking this detox tea with her. I drink the tea twice a day. Once after breakfast and again after my last meal.

I will fully explain my experience in another blog post as I am still reviewing it and the effects it has had on me. The detox is for 30 days so I will check back with the results when completed.

My Breakfast…

Anyway in the mornings, I eat 3 oranges/oatmeal and take my vitamins. The vitamins I am currently taking is GNC’s energy and metabolism, super vision by Trader Joe’s, Fish Oil pill (Omega 3’s), joint vitamin by Trader Joe’s and lastly Green Tea diet pill. I take these when I wake up to jump-start my body.

To make it easier to manage I put them in a pill-box with the days labelled. After breakfast I have a mid-morning snack which is a cut english cucumber with lite Italian dressing. This snack makes me believe that I am eating chips and dip. It is very satisfying and super low-calorie.

Baked Chicken Breast with Spinach topped with fresh Salsa.

For lunch/dinner it is typically a protein with a vegetable. I make sure I double up on the vegetables to fill more full. Nothing wrong with eating more vegetables.

Boom Chicka Pop

When I want to snack at night I eat Skinny Pop or Boom Chicka Pop. You can have a BIG serving of sea salt popcorn for under 150 calories. Boom Chicka Pop sea salt flavor tastes just like movie popcorn. It is my favorite. They also have a cheddar and a sweet kernel.  However, those options give you much less servings than sea salt. I like to stay in the low for the high.

What I do at the gym…

As far as a working out regiment I go to the gym seven days a week. I walk on the trend mill and use the arc machine. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s I do “the circuit” at planet fitness. The circuit is legs/arms strength exercises and various step movements which result in cardio. My stamina has increased to where I am able to make it through the entire thing without feeling like I can’t continue on.

Today will make 30 days consistently at the gym. I no longer relate it to a chore and I have grown to enjoy it. I am looking forward to the following stages of this “fitness” journey. This Saturday Jay and I are going to the track so I can start really learning running techniques on a flat surface. My goal isn’t to have a chiseled body but I would love to be more active and enjoy more fitness activities.

So far, so good…

That’s all I have for now. Oh, before I go I want to tell you to remember

“Be tbe best possible version of yourself.”

I love you for reading ♥



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