It’s Been a Long Time… I Should’ve Left You

It’s Been a Long Time… I Should’ve Left You…Without a dope beat to step to…

Let’s do a life update shall we…

Day 1 of Lifestyle Change
Day 1 of Lifestyle Journey 

As most of you know I have been on a lifestyle journey. Not a let me change my appearance because I hate myself journey. I did that before and I believe that is why I have failed so many times when trying to maintain the great loss. Anyway, since February I have lost 40 pounds and gained a new attitude. I’ve been eating right and working out at least 4 times a week. Working out and my hectic work schedule does cause challenges but I still make it work. At work I walk the building on my breaks. I also have access to the gym facilities. However, since the weather is warmer I walk around the company campus.

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I walk the entire campus within 30 minutes. It is a little over a mile but I get it done. The campus has this killer incline. It makes you feel like hell when you climb it every time. At one point I would by-pass it and take the easier route. Then I realized just because I walk around it doesn’t mean that the incline disappears. I had to tackle it once and for all. The first time I tried to walk it, I knew I was dying. I was out of breath and needed multiple breaks. Although in the beginning it was tough, I didn’t allow it to stop me from trying. Due to not giving up, I now conquer it daily.

I always feel rewarded when I can walk up it within a steady pace. It reminds me of what we can be when we really try. Other things I do to keep moving at work is keeping a pair of sneakers/socks under my desk. You can always make an excuse when you aren’t prepared. I make sure I don’t let myself down by eliminating the excuses and keeping the sneakers under my workspace.

March 2017

In the words of the legendary Rakim ” I ain’t no joke!”

Let’s talk about what I’ve been eating…

I am still staying away from the pastas, rice, and breads. However, I don’t want my body to get use to not having them. So what I do when I want them is I take the serving size of the pasta, rice, or bread and bulk it up with veggies. For example the other night I had chicken parmesan. So instead of having a plate full of noodles I took a serving size then mixed it with carrot noodles. By using the carrot noodles I was able to keep the portions under control and have a huge bowl of pasta. You can spiralize mostly any veggie. You can use broccoli stems (peel before), carrots, zucchini, and etc. These are my go to’s when I want that full feeling without the overall 300 calorie guilt a bowl of pasta gives you.

April 2017

When I want to snack or have a sweet tooth. I eat Skinny Pop. Boomchicka Pop, and halo top ice cream. Halo Top can be a bit pricey but it is usually on sell for 2 for $6. This a way better alternative to regular ice cream. The taste is dead on. You will not miss full fat ice cream. You can make shakes out of it for 2 or eat the whole thing for less than 300 calories depending on the flavor. Boomchicka Pop and Skinny Pop also have a variety of flavors. My favorite from Boomchicka Pop is sea salt and Skinny Pop is white cheddar. You can have four cups for under 150 calories. I am always on the hunt to eat right and not pay the price physically.

I also drink spinach, pineapple, cucumber, honey, chia seeds, and flaxseed smoothies in the morning. This is a natural way to help with your digestion. I also take a multi-vitamin with energy and metabolism, muscle vitamin, and fish oil for Omega 3’s. I make sure I eat fish twice a week to further boost those vitamins.

How do I feel…

July 2017

Well, for the most part I am beyond proud of myself. I am so happy that I was able to achieve these goals naturally. The gym is no longer a place where I feel like I failed but more like I win. I love how I have changed my mind about what the body needs and how working out is so important to just daily body functions.

The whole concept of the gym, eating right, and a healthier lifestyle have come full circle for me. I feel through the process I eat smarter. Now. I’m always looking for the real benefits of food. I think in that area it is a little easier for me because I honestly love cooking. Manipulating old dishes and making them better is a challenge I love to accept. I know that makes the journey a little bit easier for me because I can cook.

I don’t take that for granted as I hear others trying to make better choices say it is hard as they just don’t know how to make “diet food” taste good. Well first part of that recipe is to remove the word “diet” as it makes any dish sound instantly gross. Making lighter options of food sounds a lot better. I have plenty of recipes on my website  I am hoping to hit 50 pounds by mid-August. Please pray for me as the lord knows I love crispy skins, potatoes, and rice LOL.

I promise I will check in more and remember be the best possible version of yourself.

I love you for reading ♥



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